Talent and tools, by the project, when you need them. It's that simple.

We enable companies large and small to organize & optimize their resources, tap into a growing army of talent and arsenal of tools on-demand… while sharpening expertise, saving time and growing the bottom line.

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About us

We started with commercial real estate.

We built the gig-economy of CRE, connecting real estate developers, REITs, banks and others with an army of over 800 consultants for project support on-demand. Soon we recognized that a combination of talent and tools would enable us to help clients arm themselves perfectly by the deal. And in designing a platform to organize and scale our business, we had an epiphany: The benefits of resource optimization transcend industries.

Now we're reimagining resourcing.

Talent is only half of the resourcing equation, and real estate was just the beginning. Companies need a roadmap to the countless new technologies targeting their businesses, and that's where we come in. Our system intelligently identifies not only the right person for the project, but also recommends the best tech tools for the task, in real time. We are the only end-to-end, three-party-facing, on-demand resource and project optimization tool out there. And were also the only one you will ever need.

StealthForce Solutions

CRE Talent, By The Project

Our growing army (800+ consultants nationwide) trims bloated payrolls, giving our clients the edge (in everything from DD to asset management) through project-based investment expertise by the hour, day or milestone.

Tech Toolkits, With A Roadmap

Our curated CRE tech toolkits get to the heart of which emerging tech tools you need to adopt, and how they will affect your bottom line, now. No long-term contracts, no inbound sales pitches, and no guess-work around whether the tool can really help you.

Resource Optimizing Software

Industry leading firms across industries blend full-time and contingent workforces, but rarely optimize utilization. We enable workforces to evolve on-demand, matching tasks to skillsets as needed, to meet the needs of the market.

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