Global, curated, and available on-demand. Here's how we do it.

Clients Define Projects

The client specifies (1) the deliverable, (2) the deadline, (3) the ideal consultant profile and (4) the target compensation. We share feedback, confirm details and launch the search.

We Curate Matches

We search the StealthForce network for a list of the top 10 candidates, based on a combination of their demonstrated industry experience, and our matching methodology. We can test, interview, and even complete background checks, based on the needs of the client.

Consultants Self-Select

Consultants receive a Confidential Project Brief, inviting them to (1) indicate availability, (2) opt-in, and (3) confirm no conflict of interest. Given that many of our consultants are employed full-time, we take conflict seriously. We can test, interview, and even complete background checks, based on the needs of our clients.

Clients Choose Consultants

From the top three candidates, which we curate and present in as little as 72 hours, the client selects a consultant. The parties enter contract, and commence work.

Feedback Is Key

Our team is here to help along the way, handling everything from milestone reminders to billing. Upon completion, we invite feedback from both parties, enabling us to cull the network and improve the process.

Our clients include
From financial models to feasibility studies, appraisals and beyond - we enable small investors to access answers, without overhead.
The typical Family Office allocates 12% towards real estate and alternative assets. Whether via fund allocations necessitating comparative return analysis or via direct investments requiring due diligence teams on-demand, StealthForce is increasingly their solution of choice.
Disciplined growth is the goal for firms operating with limited capital, defined mandates, and hyperfocused teams. StealthForce fills the gaps while they grow, from interim CFOs and fund controllers, to test-drives for full-time hires.
Global investment requires local expertise, which isn't easy to come by in the context of generalist teams. Under short DD timeframes with strict return hurdles, global firms increasingly see StealthForce as a key resource for international expertise, low-cost third parties or project support, and even board placements.

Scalable talent to match variable deal flow

No overhead. No hiring cycle.

Confidentiality, curation and support

What is StealthForce...

Free your company from the burden of bloated payroll, the risk of imperfect expertise, and the overhead of traditional outsourcing solutions.

StealthForce is a global real estate consulting platform, built by former real estate development and investment professionals, with a goal of optimizing the human capital of real estate. We maintain a vetted network, match consultants with clients for consulting projects, and earn a portion of each engagement as our matching fee. It's that simple.

Our consultants range from analysts through the C-suite, as well as appraisers, architects, and attorneys with real estate expertise. They are available remotely or on-site, by the day, by the project, or as project-based test-drives for permanent roles.

StealthForce is disrupting the human capital portion of the real estate investment equation - one project at a time.