Whether large or small, local or international in their investment scope, clients of varied types can benefit from strategic expertise.

You need answers, not overhead. Avoid fixed costs and scale talent to match your deal flow. Whether for a financial model, a due diligence expert, or just a local opinion, StealthForce helps you stay lean, without cutting corners.


Stay in the driver’s seat. Whether allocating the typical 12% to real estate through funds, or when ready to go direct, StealthForce is your team on-call, augmenting internal resources with an equivalent caliber of real estate talent – when you need it.


Disciplined growth is the goal. We help relieve the pressure, by supplementing your deal team in crunch-times, providing experts in new markets/property types, or offering test-drive talent (institutional investor relations, asset management or controller talent) to boost your systems before expanding your in-house team.


Optimizing on a global scale is possible, with the right army. We understand the challenges of covering the globe, as well as optimizing a portfolio. From investment committee members, to local experts, to corporate space planners, and from analysts through board placements and the C-suite, we can help.


Our consultants range from a few years of industry experience to decades, and from licensed appraisers and construction managers through former CIOs of REITS and investment funds. There truly is no typical StealthForce consultant; what they have in common is a passion for real estate. Here are just a few....
Barry Barovick
Global C-level Transaction Advisory
Experience includes: Partner and Global Director, Real Estate Advisory Services at Ernst & Young. CEO of Grubb & Ellis Company. Global Director of Real Estate Advisory with FTI Consulting. Barry applies deep advisory and transaction management expertise for diverse real estate clients from developers to Fortune 100 companies worldwide.
Johanna Kiev
North American Asset Management
Experience includes: Director of Asset Management at Rockwood Capital, where she managed a diverse portfolio across office, residential, retail and land development, overseeing acquisitions DD, asset management and internal reporting. Previously worked at Emmes & Company and at Morgan Stanley.
Jose Nunez
Wharton MBA, Acquisitions Associate
Experience includes: A Wharton MBA with a passion for real estate finance, Jose has been an Acquisitions Associate at GoldOller Real Estate Investments, and a Financial Analyst at Citi. His focus for StealthForce clients spans from apartment underwriting through general due diligence on demand.
Augusta Consiglio
Brazilian Corporate Real Estate
Experience includes: As Country Capital Projects Head for BANCO HSBC BRASIL, and Place Management Head for Banco Citibank S.A., Augusta has gained insider experience in corporate real estate which she brings to clients across cost control, acquisitions, development and portfolio optimization for corporate facilities.


Specialized talent is typically made available within 72 hours.

About US

Experts worldwide, with dozens of specialties, and countless years of experience ... available at the click of a button.
"The global rolodex of a real estate investor's dreams"

StealthForce enables real estate investors to scale talent according to deal flow, freeing then from the burden of bloated payrolls and the risk of imperfect expertise in the process. We connect employers with project based real estate consultants for everything from financial modeling to market studies, appraisals, due diligence, investment analysis and more (with a global StealthForce consultant network including professionals from property management through the C-suite) and earn a portion of each engagement. Our consultants hail from top firms worldwide, as well as service disciplines like architecture, accounting and law.

Describe the typical consultant.

There is no typical consultant. Our members are professionals of all sorts, including the self-employed, on sabbaticals, and those working full-time. They have varying levels of experience in various aspects of real estate, and they have in common a desire to share their knowledge through our network.

What is the compensation model?

Prior to launching a project, employers place a deposit with StealthForce. Upon the employer's confirmation of delivery of a satisfactory final project deliverable, compensation is released to the consultant, less any StealthForce fees. For multi-phase work, specific arrangements are made prior to launching the project.

Who owns the work product?

The work product becomes the property of the employer upon the release of compensation to the consultant.

How is confidentiality protected?

Employers can elect to reveal their company name to a subset of final candidates, and consultants can elect to reveal their identity only upon being awarded a project. Project work can be covered by a non-disclosure agreement which the employer may elect to have the consultant sign prior to commencing the work.

Is there any quality control?

Throughout the process, StealthForce team members are available to facilitate a smooth collaboration between the parties. Upon completion of a phase or a project, both parties are asked to provide feedback on their experience. StealthForce routinely culls its consultant network based on this feedback, and crafts future projects with this feedback in mind.

What is the minimum project size or duration?

While there is no minimum dollar amount, the average total project size is approximately $5,000. Our consultants are compensated for their deliverables, not their time, so average project duration varies widely.