Valuation Insights & Audit Tools

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The KPI Snapshot Report

One page report customized by address & property type, providing independent verification of the four key property value drivers, by a conflict-checked broker or appraiser, in as little as 72 hours. Enables clients to stress test the proposed value.

The Cap Rate Confidence Range

A report summarizing one independent, licensed real estate broker’s opinion of the impact of key performance indicators on the fair market cap rate for a specific property. Samples available upon request.

Valuation Check

Three page report documenting an appraisal review mobilizing a set of independent and local eyes and ears to (1) review key assumptions, (2) assess the appropriateness of the competitive set, and (3) complete a site visit to confirm the state of the physical plant.

Appraisal (Letter, Summary and Full Narrative)

Priced upon request; not for lender purposes.

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