Financial Analysis & Underwriting

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Deal Review & Investment Summary

A flat fee deal review inclusive of due diligence review, financial model review and/or compilation and sensitivity analysis, operating partner review, and legal and operating document review, resulting in a summary of findings and investment recommendation. Completed by an experienced analyst with 3 to 5 years of relevant property type experience, in 10 business days.

Fund Level Multi-Asset Financial Model

A comprehensive fund level financial model projecting investor returns with a 7 year horizon. Completed by an experienced institutional investment professional with relevant property type knowledge, in direct collaboration with the client, to translate operating expectations and KPI sensitivities as well as return and fee structures into a dynamic model for fundraising and/or business planning purposes.


Per-diem Debt Underwriting Support

Consultant has demonstrated professional debt underwriting experience from a lender or bank, including the ability to build and evaluate expense and debt coverage projections at a property and portfolio level.

Custom Financial & Underwriting Support

Talent ranges from junior through C-suite, and is available for temporary, test-drive, or board positions. Examples include real estate securities analysis, forensic debt audit and lender tranche analysis.

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