Asset Management & Property Management

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Quarterly Budget Review & Variance Analysis

On a quarterly or annual basis, the budget review involves collaboration with property-level personnel to obtain and compare actual performance to the budget for the period, highlight and investigate any areas of more than a set variance, and provide recommendations based on the results in order to enhance future performance.

Hold Versus Sell Analysis

A tool facilitating periodic review for internal portfolio planning purposes, the hold/sell analysis is a comparison of current market and competitive conditions, as well as asset performance, against the original business plans and projections, resulting in a disciplined recommendation of whether to hold the asset through the initial timeframe, or sell sooner.

SOP & Operations Review

A set of standard operating procedures and staff/process recommendations delivered after a methodical evaluation of a client's current policies, procedures and team in place for both asset management and property management. Includes a combination of on-site and off-site work, and interviews with key principals and staff.


Per-diem Asset Mgmt. Support

Experienced asset managers with relevant expertise in the required property type, available for temporary staff augmentation. Experience ranges from property-specialists through institutional level asset and portfolio managers with domestic and international expertise.

Custom Asset Mgmt. & Property Mgmt. Support

Talent ranges from junior through C-suite, and is available for temporary, test-drive, or board positions. Examples include the establishment of standardized reporting templates, establishment of standard operating procedures, development of value creation plans at the asset and portfolio level, and more.

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