Due Diligence & Acquisitions Support

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Market Tour & Deep Dive

A local market, international expert or a niche property type veteran, mobilized for a day to canvas, evaluate, and deliver a report on the key economic drivers, demographics, traffic and population density, and other relevant factors affecting a specific property. Each report is customized in advance for the client, who selects a consultant for the project, or a master consultant (to oversee multiple consultants when reviewing multiple markets). Can accompany client upon request.

Market Study

A report outlining a forecast of the demand for a certain type of real estate project, an analysis of the competitive set and future supply, and an estimate of the inventory which could be absorbed and the prices which could be charged within the time frame.

Feasibility Study

A report summarizing the methodical evaluation of a proposed real estate project to determine (1) if it is reasonably possible within the suggested parameters and budget and (2) its likelihood of profitability.


Per-diem Financial Analyst (Experienced)

Consultant has demonstrated professional due diligence and/or Excel modeling experience, including the ability to create standard cash flow projections with formulas to include income and expenses to the level of net income.

Per-diem Financial Analyst (Advanced)

Consultant has either a graduate degree or a minimum of three years of real estate investment experience in due diligence, building and manipulating Excel or Argus models to include projections, proformas, waterfalls, debt modeling, formulas, goal-seek, scenario and sensitivity analysis and professional formatting. Advanced testing available to confirm that the rigorousness of a consultant's capabilities meet client needs.

Custom Acquisitions Support and Leadership

Talent ranges from junior through C-suite, and is available for temporary, test-drive, or board positions. Examples include real estate securities analysis, senior acquisitions process management, investment memorandums, and formal formatted investment committee recommendations.

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