Welcome to the Gig Economy of Real Estate.  

Your Deal, Your Team, Your Terms.

As seen in Inc. Magazine, The Harvard Business Review and more, StealthForce has been called the rolodex of a real estate investor’s dreams. Simply stated, we are a global consultant network, providing project-based real estate investment insights and customized consulting on-demand. What makes us different is our deep industry expertise, our careful vetting and conflict management process, and our lack of overhead as a data-driven technology platform. Both Clients and Consultants can join for free. StealthForce is the next generation of real estate consulting. We are not limited to traditional third parties (although we provide those as well); rather, we are building a global army of the best and brightest in real estate. They are skilled in every phase of the investment value chain, and every corner of the globe. They are current and former junior professionals as well as C-level executives. And they’ve all opted-in the to the future of real estate human capital.

500+ consultants & growing, across the US and abroad

60% have 10+ years' experience & 50% are working full-time

80% are alumni of top PE firms, developers and schools

Project Managers Are Standing By: 1-888-REAL-516