The StealthForce Process

Start A Project

Via email, phone, or our online questionnaire, you submit your project. We confirm your Project Brief (the deliverable, deadline, ideal consultant profile and target compensation) in 24 hours, providing guidance on profiling, milestones and compensation. Your refundable deposit launches the project.

Curate & Target

The process is both data-driven and customized; we mine our StealthForce network for the top candidates, vetting for experience and conflict of interest. Candidates receive a project invitation, confirm availability and opt-in for consideration. Most projects are multi-phase, outlining compensation to the contractor by milestone, and enabling StealthForce to maintain quality control

Approve & Launch

In as little as 72 hours, you receive final candidate profiles. All StealthForce consultants agree to keep information confidential. You may interview directly or select immediately. The parties enter contract and commence work. Our team is here to help along the way, handling everything from milestone reminders to billing. Upon completion of a project or a milestone, we invite feedback from both parties, enabling us to cull the network and improve the process.

Engagement Types


The majority of our consultants complete standard deliverables; work for a fixed fee, regardless of hours spent. This is a suitable option for tangible deliverables like appraisals and feasibility studies.


Some clients need scalable talent to support existing teams. In these cases they hire StealthForce consultants on a day rate, to support underwriting, property inspection or longer-term projects.


Turnover is a burden for organizations of all sizes. For this reason, we make consultants available as test-drives for permanent roles. The client makes no commitment up-front beyond the project, but can quickly determine fit before adding to their permanent team.
Project Managers Are Standing By: 1-888-REAL-516