Consultant Q&A

Amanda Mason

The Design Director at Belgravia Group, Amanda has a rare blend of investment, fundraising experience and design expertise, after seven years at RockBridge Capital and Locus Development (across investment, development, investor relations and asset management). She earned a design degree and ran a brand analysis, financing and investment consulting firm; she specializes in blending investment experience with design and messaging, to convey the true value proposition of an opportunity to investors.

In your nearly 4 years at Rockbridge Capital, you asset managed an $875 million portfolio, built the financial model used company-wide, developed an entire analyst training program, and created and used investor marketing materials to help them raise what as their largest fund to date. What was the most satisfying part of that job?

I didn’t do any of it by myself, the leadership and my colleagues at Rockbridge were, and are some of the brightest people I know. I was surrounded by people who didn’t accept anything less than perfection. The environment fostered and rewarded drive, focus, and attention to detail, all qualities that have helped me in every phase of my life. The most satisfying part of my job was that every single day was an opportunity to learn, I was smart enough to know that I was lucky to be in the position I was, and I absorbed as much as I could. I am eternally grateful to have “grown up” in such a fine company, learning from exemplary people.

After 7 years working for others, what compelled you to launch your own pitch and presentation development consultancy?

I moved to Chicago to start grad school. I needed a way to make money and have flexible hours. I aimed to capitalize on my ability to combine both right and left brain skill sets, my business and investment experience coupled with my education in design and product pitching. Clients seemed to appreciate what I was doing, and I was so grateful to be able to create a schedule around school.

Tell us about a rewarding recent client engagement.

I was asked to build an investment model that could handle complex structures. The ultimate user however was NOT an “excel person”, and wanted as few inputs as possible which made the model development more challenging. It took a lot of trial and error and many long nights, but he is happy, and I am better for it!

Why did you decide to join StealthForce? What resonated with you?

They reached out and I was so impressed with the goals of StealthForce, I wanted to be a part of it. The exclusive real estate focus is critical for an efficient client / consultant match. The quality of client and consultants are top notch.

Given the tightening of real estate private equity fundraising, what can first-time funds do to optimize their messaging & marketing materials, rising to the top of the stack?

Have a clearly defined strategy that is well articulated, coupled with a background that evidences the ability to stay with the investment thesis throughout various economic cycles.  What doesn’t work,   “We are looking for good deals”.  What does work.  “We are focused on ___, ___, and ___ and if we don’t find it, we will be disciplined investors and not invest money simply to invest it.”
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