The Consultants' Corner

Step by Step Process

Apply to the network

Upload your resume and consent to our Terms Of Service. Application reviewers individually confirm relevant real estate experience and advise candidates of acceptance or otherwise.

Consider project invitations

Clients reach out to us and confirm their project scope, desired consultant profile and budget in detail. They also make a deposit of funds prior to launch. Our system automatically considers every StealthForce consultant for each project, uncovering a pool of the top dozen likeliest matches. When short-listed, you receive a Project Brief Invitation (including the client name, deadline, deliverables and compensation) for your review. Of those who opt-in, we present the top three candidates for client consideration.

Connect with potential clients

Some clients request telephone interviews within a few days while others award projects based on a resume alone. If invited for an interview, you can share more detail on your work history. Most projects are multi-phase, so managing expectations is key.

Win contracts

Once the client selects their consultant, StealthForce advises both parties of the project launch date. Work commences per the terms outlined in the original Project Brief unless modified in writing.

Complete projects, get paid and give feedback

Our project managers check-in with both parties weekly (requesting feedback, confirming data/drafts are delivered timely, and ensuring expectations are met). For multi-phase (or ongoing per-diem) projects, we invoice clients and confirm deposits prior to each phase. We process compensation to you on a 1099 basis either monthly or per-milestone.

Best Practices

1. RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to each StealthForce Project Invitation, even to decline.
2. BEHAVE PROFESSIONALLY. Your reputation will affect your project-flow.
3. KEEP ALL INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL. Client names and project information are strictly confidential.
4. NEVER USE PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, software, source materials or spreadsheets.
5. DO NOT RENEGOTIATE OR UP-SELL clients from the terms of the Project Brief.
6. HONOR THE PROCESS. Never request equity or invite a client to pay you directly; per the Terms Of Service, circumvention is a punishable violation.
7. TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR PERFORMANCE. We are building an ecosystem for real estate insight. Over time, the best consultants will enjoy expanded opportunities, priority project selection, speaking engagements and more. Let's advance together.

Common Consultant Questions

How often will I receive invitations? Why haven't I received more?

With hundreds of consultants in our network, and a broad variety of client requests, we cannot predict how soon or often any particular consultant will receive invitations. If you have not yet received an invitation, it is because a project matching your profile has not been launched.

How is compensation determined? Can I set my minimum rate?

The client's budget determines the compensation; based on their request, StealthForce provides a quote, to which they agree before launching a search. The net fee to the consultant is quoted within the project invitation, and can be on a flat-fee, per-diem or per-milestone basis. If it does not match your expectation, you can opt-out of consideration. We never put forth your resume for a project without your affirmative consent.

What is the typical duration and compensation per project?

Currently, average projects last anywhere from one to six weeks, with most work being completed remotely. There is no average compensation, as our consultants' experiences range from analyst level through C-suite, including the former heads of several public companies and REITs. Net effective per-diem compensation to consultants can range from $300 to over $2000, and fixed or flat-fee projects average approximately $7000.

Can I find a full-time job through StealthForce?

We are not a recruiting platform, and do not formally complete full-time employment searches. However, clients occasionally request test-drives for permanent roles, whereby a consulting or short-term engagement is intended as a mutual audition for a permanent role. In these cases that intention is explained in the project-brief, you are asked for your salary requirement, and you are compensated for the project-work completed, whether or not a full-time offer is extended.

Can I contact a client about a potential deal or project I feel may interest them?

The names and contact information of our clients provided in our project briefs are considered confidential per the Terms Of Service, and they are not seeking deal flow through our platform. Their information is not to be used for solicitation; you may not reach out to them directly unless they reach out to you to establish a working relationship. Any consulting completed for a client of StealthForce is governed by the Terms Of Service.

If I am not selected for a specific project, how can I get feedback?

Due to the volume of projects and consultants, we cannot always accommodate requests for specific feedback, however you can reach out to the project manager to inquire on a case by case basis for feedback if available. While your credentials may align with the specifications of the Project Brief, the client may make their final decision for any reason, and it is not necessarily a reflection on your ability. Rather, the depth and breadth of our network may avail the client of a preferable match.

What should I do if the client requests work beyond the project scope?

Our network prioritizes protecting the interests of both clients and consultants, which is why the project expectations are outlined in the project brief. In the event that you sense a misalignment of expectations, advise us immediately so that we can intervene on your behalf and ensure fair treatment and respect for your time, effort and work product.

How, when and by whom am I compensated? Do I become an employee while working on a StealthForce project?

Per the Terms Of Service, all consultants on our platform are independent contractors, and they are compensated on a 1099 basis. StealthForce collects deposits from clients, and remits compensation to consultants when specified milestones are met. When you are selected for a project, StealthForce will collect your form w-9, and at year end you will receive a 1099 form as appropriate. Please consult your tax advisors; StealthForce does not provide tax advice.